About Us

Khmer TV Inc.

Khmer TV is proud to serve the Cambodian community in the greater Los Angeles. Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside county and around the world through our online broadcast www.khmertv.com. We are broadcasting over the public air wave on channel 35-4. You only need an antenna to view our channel in Los Angeles and Orange country. You can also download our app from Apple, Google play and Roku for your devices.

If you live in the area and are unable to view our channel, please let us know we will do our best to assist you to set up the antenna.

Tel. 562-372-3788

Mission Statement

The Cambodian-American community is unique in that it’s rich culture is not represented in local broadcast. The community of war-torn refugees and more recent immigrants suffers from a lack of culturally specific programming.

Local festivals, celebrations and community leaders are not covered or represented adequately in traditional news or entertainment media. While the Vietnamese-American community, Korean-American Community and the Chinese-American community have succeeded in establishing multiple sources of local broadcast programming, the Cambodian-American community has never had a local media source to represent and provide culturally specific entertainment and news.

To these ends, the founders of KhmerTV seek to provide a critical media resource for the Cambodian-American Community. It is our mission to provide Cambodian-American’s a broadcasting home where they can view news, entertainment, education, and additional programming designed specifically for the Cambodian-American community.

Khmer TV’s mission is to bring together and empower the Cambodian-American community by serving as the unifying platform for Cambodian-Americans.

We seek to build partnerships with community organizations, leaders, government agencies, local businesses, entertainers, and all citizens in order to better connect and inform the larger Cambodian-American community.

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